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GrandVJ 2 upgrade information
28th May 2013

As most of you know, we have been working on GrandVJ 2 these last few months and we are approaching the release. So here’s a little recap so that you know where we’re going to.

Two versions of GrandVJ:

Next to GrandVJ, we will introduce GrandVJ XT that will have the Video Mapper support:

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NuVJ controller support in GrandVJ
06th Mar 2012
We’ve recently released GrandVJ 1.6.5 which brings support for DJ-Style MIDI controllers with a jog wheel for scratching. That was all we were missing to bring support for the NuVJ controller in GrandVJ. And we know that this compatibility was a much requested feature, as the NuVJ Video Mixer is being progressively phased out by Numark, the software part is no more updated and users are left with a controller sitting on a shelf.

Instead of continuing to put resources in bringing into the NuVJ software some features that are already implemented in GrandVJ we have decided to focus all our efforts in improving GrandVJ more and more so that each new version gets better and the future version 2 can be as amazing as we are planning it.

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Syphon support in MediaMaster and GrandVJ
15th Nov 2011

After GrandVJ, we’ve now added support for Syphon as client and server in MediaMaster also. It’s been around since only a few weeks and has already proved to be a great addition to our software, we’ve received a lot of feedback from users like Koen de Puysseleir – creative director for Tiësto – telling us how much this new feature broadens the boundaries from their creativity.. And God, we love that!
In this article we’ll explain a little bit more how you can use Syphon in combination with MediaMaster and GrandVJ, then we’ll give you some inspiration from those who have already started using it..


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DJ Ron’s VJ/DJ setup at Loggia-Sugarland
09th Nov 2011

DJ Ron sent us this quick video where he’s presenting his VJ/DJ setup installed at Houston’s Loggia-Sugarland sports bar.

As you can see it’s all very organized; thanks to the laptop stands he only needs a small table to fit everything and be ready to mix both music and visuals in sync.

This video is no longer available...

Allowing this kind of very mobile setup is exactly what we want to achieve by making GrandVJ a lightweight but powerful video mixing software that can very easily produce great visuals even on a laptop. Actually, it’s so easy that DJ Ron – which was primarily a DJ as you guessed – had no problems to add VJing to his skills without sacrificing his DJ talent..

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GrandVJ 1.6 with Syphon support
09th Sep 2011
ArKas GrandVJ VJ Software

Here is the first beta release version of GrandVJ 1.6 for you to play with.

The main new feature is Syphon support on Mac. For the rest, we’ve greatly improved the overall stability of the application and crushed a few bugs that made it to the 1.5 release (Read more for details and download links).

About Syphon

Syphon is an open source Mac OS X technology that allows applications to share frames – full frame rate video or stills – with one another in realtime. Until now, Syphon could already be used in GrandVJ through Quartz Composer, the graphical modular language of Apple.

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How To: Mix visuals and music with GrandVJ and Ableton Live
27th Jun 2011

GrandVJ is not only a tool for VJ’s to mix visuals in sync with the music from a DJ, it can also be very useful for Musicians wishing to add a visual dimension to their music. Ok, the difference is subtle but it’s indeed another point of view that we keep in consideration when developing the software.


Recently we spotted the video below on Twitter, it’s produced by live audio-visual artist Ryan Noise and Unique Squared and we found it to be a great introduction to the use of GrandVJ in connection with Ableton Live. Note that Ryan connects GrandVJ and Ableton through Rewire here, but the latest GrandVJ 1.5 comes with a VST plugin which allows not only to send MIDI to GrandVJ but also sound, so that you can use it to trigger sound-reactive Generators or Flash animations.

GrandVJ 1.5 RC2 with VST plugin (Updated)
28th Mar 2011

Here is the Public Beta Release Candidate version of GrandVJ 1.5. This update will include several exciting new features such as Transitions, Browser Preview and the “ArKaos Connect” VST plugin, which you can immediately see in action in the videos below (then click “read more” for the details).

This Release Candidate version should be the last one before the official release. It includes all the features, graphics and documentation of the official version. All the bugs found in the beta have been fixed, we have also resolved some instability issues that were affecting previous versions of GrandVJ.

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Charlie Mars: France VJ Champion with GrandVJ
21st Mar 2011

Those who read this blog frequently will probably remember Charlie Mars, the French VJ with the colorful hood.. It’s the third time we’re writing about this guy already!

We first spotted a great home demo on Vimeo that he did after using GrandVJ since just one day, then the week after he was already taking GrandVJ live on stage for the ZôL concert at Metamorphoses, a French Electronic music festival.

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GrandVJ Dev. 101214 (spoiler: with transitions)
21st Dec 2010

A few months ago we have been asking our users to participate to a survey and rate the features they would like to see implemented in the next GrandVJ updates. Since then we have taken some time to analyze the results, define how the requested features could be implemented and prioritized depending on the users rating (as much as possible).

In the mean time we have been working on the MediaMaster 2.2 update that has just been released, with some new effects and the geometry module, and now it’s time for some GrandVJ development again..

From now on, as we are working on a major update to GrandVJ we will provide several intermediate development versions that will include a few new features, before we release the final update with all the new stuff packed in.

GrandVJ Users Survey
26th Aug 2010
ArKas GrandVJ VJ Software

Let us know what features you would like to see implemented in the next major version of GrandVJ so we can focus our resources on what’s important for you first!

We have set up a little survey that will only take you a few minutes of your time, if you’re a GrandVJ user it’s your chance to prioritize the features we will add in the next versions of your software.

This survey will be closed on September 15th.

>> Survey Closed <<