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By ArKaos Team
on 28 May 2013 4:05 PM
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As most of you know, we have been working on GrandVJ 2 these last few months and we are approaching the release. So here’s a little recap so that you know where we’re going to.

Two versions of GrandVJ:

Next to GrandVJ, we will introduce GrandVJ XT that will have the Video Mapper support:

  • GrandVJ 2 : (299 eur / without Video Mapper)
    We have decided to offer free upgrade from GrandVJ 1.x to GrandVJ 2 to all users so everyone can benefit from the much requested new software activation system (see further below).
  • GrandVJ XT : (649 eur / with the Video Mapper)
    For those who bought (or upgraded to) GrandVJ 2 and later want to do Video Mapping, don’t worry, you won’t have to buy a full GrandVJ XT license: you will just have to upgrade for the difference (349 eur).
    For our GrandVJ 1 users that would like to use the Video Mapper immediately when released, we will have a one step upgrade to GrandVJ XT with a -10% as loyalty offer during the first month after the release.

Note: If you were considering purchasing GrandVJ but were waiting for the release of version 2, you shouldn’t. You can buy GrandVJ 1 now and benefit from the above upgrades when we release version 2.

Main new features in GrandVJ 2

New software activation system:

We have been listening to your feedback. We have completely reworked the software activation system to make it much more straightforward, flexible and user friendly (no more lengthy codes to copy/paste). Users will now be able to activate and use GrandVJ 2 on up to two computers at the same time with one license (i.e. main computer and backup), instead of one with the current license agreement. The activation/deactivation process requires that you connect your computer to the Internet.

New interface:

We are developing a new interface to make the software even more user friendly and straightforward, while integrating the new functionalities into it.

Here’s a tease, just to keep you waiting (colors and some features may be subject to change, but you get the idea..):

Cells Matrix
Cells matrix now have an individual edit button which allows to give each cell unique properties.

The Mixer
It is shown here with multiple output groups for the Video Mapper: Layers can be sent to different output groups that you can define within the Video Mapper. Each group allows a separate transition within it. You can also set individual layers to keep various properties - such as mixing or position - as you play different visuals.

And also:

  • New effects
  • New transitions
  • Performance improvements
  • Video Mapper (in GrandVJ XT)
  • ..

​Release date?

We’ll have it ready after the summer and, depending on the development cycles, we will release a public beta during the summer.

In the meantime, if you need more information we’ll do our best to answer your questions on the support centre or on the forum.


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