Integrate Kling-Net: reach new markets!

Kling-Net has been designed to work with mostly any manufacturers’ LED products. It relies on a source code which is capable of transforming even the most simple LED device into an intelligent Kling-Net device.

Kling-Net can be embedded in any manufacturer’s product under licence from ArKaos. Since it was launched at PLASA 2011, the Kling-Net protocol has been adopted by major brands from the Show & Lighting market such as CHAUVET® Professional, Elation Professional or Highlite / DMT.

If you are manufacturing LED devices and would like to add Kling-Net support to your products, contact us and let us know about your project!

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“We are very excited by Kling-Net as the protocol is both affordable and easy for the average person to use. Enhanced by the sophisticated levels of control, video and pixel-related products are now accessible to every degree of ability and budget. We strive to work with partners who share our vision, which is providing quality products at a good value. We believe ArKaos’s Kling-Net will do so across all our markets." 

- Albert Chauvet, President (CHAUVET)


“We are very excited by Kling-Net, it is the first protocol for LED control that really is ‘plug and play’. There is no need for expensive converters or specialist knowledge. You simply plug and play directly from the computer without any set up. We can see a really bright future for Kling-Net.”

- Peter Buckx, Purchase Manager (Highlite International)


“Kling-Net opens the market to new lighting designers who have previously been deterred by the technical complexity and expense of LED lighting systems. Kling-Net removes these barriers and makes LED lighting available, easy and fun”

- Marco Hinic, CEO (ArKaos)