To get you started immediately, the GrandVJ software installer comes with approximately 300 Mb of video footage, Flash Text animations and sound-reactive Flash animations that are ready to be mixed in your GrandVJ projects, and if you chose to take the software box, you'll also get a DVD-Rom stuffed with 4.53 GB of exclusive high quality video footage.

All these visuals have been provided by the VJ's and Visual Artists below, by doing so they have kindly decided to allow you to use their creations during your own shows; so if you like what they do, be sure to check out their web site!

BEEPLE / Mike Winkelmann

Beeple is Mike Winkelmann, a graphic designer from Appleton, Wisconsin, USA. He has also released a series of Creative Commons live visuals that have been used by electronic acts such as deadmau5, Avicii, Skrillex, Tiësto, Amon Tobin, Wolfgang Gartner, Glitch Mob, Flying Lotus and many others.


Bl4ck & Wh1t3 / Sylvain Stoppani

Sylvain Stoppani is a a typical multimedia artist altough he is best known for his musical work than for his graphic creations.
Ambor Grieko, Drumma Vampire, Lt Castillo, Mr Virgule, Syl-n ... are as many sound projects with a visual world to describe.


Crustea / Joanie Lemercier

French expat VJ Crustea quickly got involved in Bristol’s VJing scene when he moved to UK in 2004. He has then developped a very personal style in mixing visuals live. He also started organising the VJschool workshops, and booking European visual artists for Cuisine, the Bristol based electro A/V night, and recently co-created the visual label AntiVJ.


Kazoe Nobuaki

Kazoe Nobuaki is a popular VJ from Japan which is getting quite famous. He studied at the Tokyo University of Technology. He’s got skills and passion.



oodA stands for "observe, orient, decide, Act"..



RaYmOon is a Visual Artist from the Zebra Unit collective. He has been playing visuals for artists such as Sevenum Six, Radium, Shaman, FDB, Taxidermist, Win, Wicked Hayo and may others.



Showfootage is an online video and picture platform offering an image database for digital video and still images especially tailored to meet the needs of modern show configuration and staging. offers three different formats for direct downloading after your purchase and also ship your Clips on CD/DVD if you want.


trigger.Motion / VJ ecin

Besides offering a place for sharing and trading of Flash visuals, trigger.Motion produces visual stimulus by way of live video projections or short films distributed via the web or public broadcast.


V Squared Labs / Vello Virkhaus

V Squared Labs is a boutique motion design and visual art studio specialized in experience content and live visual performance directed by Vello Virkhaus. He is also the creator of the "Flow" visuals you can see on the ArKaos home page, these visuals are available on the GrandVJ content DVD.


Michael Stern / VJ Micology

Michael Stern has been visualizing for more then 7 years in Australia, Asia and around the globe and entered the top tier of international visual performers. He regularly rocks crowds at international music festivals and concerts, as well as the hottest clubs.


Yoshihiro Okudaira / VJ Oku

After graduating from Art College, Yoshihiro Okudaira started a career as technical staff in Japan music stores where he earned a good knwoledge of MIDI devices, finally becaming a sales person for various audio / visual softwares and organizing Workshops at Apple Retail stores. On his spare time he's performing as VJ at events and parties.


VJ You

Tokyo based VJ and bassist VJ You describes himself as a nomad VJ, bringing back his footage from travels he does all over the world during tours.


VJ Light