Technical specifications


Compact plug and play Kling-Net controllers


Input Ethernet / Kling-Net protocol
Ethernet Switch 2 ports Hardware Gigabit Switch
Daisy chaining Up to 50 devices
Rack Mounting Yes [178mm Rail Spacing]
Dimensions 190mm×130mm×39mm
Weight 480g - 1.05lb
Kling-Force DMX
Outputs 4 Universes
Connectors 4x XLR5 Female
Power supply provided No [Requires 5V]
Kling-Force LED
Outputs 8 outputs / Maximum 5A per output
Connectors [Technical reference]
Power supply provided No [Requires 5V or 12V depending on the LEDs connected]
  • 3 wires APA104 5V 800Khz
  • 3 wires W2812 family 5V 800Khz
  • 3 wires UCS2912 RGBW 5V 800Khz
  • 3 wires TM1803 5V 400KHz
  • 4 wires APA102C 5V
  • 4 wires LPD6803 12V
  • 3 wires INK1003 12V 800Khz
  • 3 wires UCS1903 12V 800Khz
  • 3 wires TM182 12V