Thanks to GrandVJ XT's convenient MIDI learn mode, any MIDI controller - or anything that can send a MIDI signal to your computer - can be easily setup and used to trigger visuals, effects and to control parameters. But since we're nice guys, we've already preloaded some mapping templates for the most common MIDI controllers available out there so you don't have to spend time configuring each single fader and knob and you can use GrandVJ XT with your controller right out of the box.

In the table below you will find those controlers with a link to the manufacturer. We recommend to use them because they have all been tested with GrandVJ XT by us or by their manufacturer.

"Template" means that the current GrandVJ XT version includes a template for this controller (in GrandVJ XT, menu File > Load Mapping Template)
"Feedback" means that the controller has support for bidirectionnal communication with GrandVJ XT (i.e. buttons light up when the cell is active etc..)

Akai Professional

Model Template Feedback
APC20 supported supported
APC40 supported supported
MPD24 supported not supported
MPD32 supported not supported
MPK49 supported not supported
Akai APC40


American Audio

Model Template Feedback
VMS4.1 supported supported
VMS2 supported supported
American Audio VMS4.1


Model Template Feedback
BCF 2000 not supported supported
BCR 2000 not supported supported
Behringer BCR 2000


Model Template Feedback
VMX VJ supported not supported
Codanova VMX VJ


Model Template Feedback
PCR-300 supported not supported
Edirol PCR 300


Model Template Feedback
DJ Control Rmx supported not supported
DJ Control Steel supported not supported
DJ Control MP3 supported not supported
DJ Console MK2 supported not supported
Hercules DJ Control Steel


Model Template Feedback
TouchOSC supported not supported
Touch OSC for iPhone and iPod Touch


Model Template Feedback
Nano supported not supported

Livid Instruments

Model Template Feedback
Base not supported supported
Block not supported supported
Ohm64 supported supported
OhmRGB supported supported
Livid Instruments OHM Rgb


Model Template Feedback
Oxygen 8 supported not supported
Axiom 5 supported not supported
M-Audio Axiom 25


Model Template Feedback
Orbit supported supported
NuVJ Video Mixer supported supported