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GrandVJ works out of the box with Livid’s Block
21st Oct 2009

The guys from Livid Instruments just blogged about GrandVJ 1.2b1compatibility with their controllers, they posted a cool demo video to show how easy it is to setup GrandVJ with their Block controller right out of the box.. No need for setup or configuration.

“Now in the latest beta Arkaos GrandVJ add MIDI output and after never using it I was able to make a quick demo to show you how easy it is. They also have OSC support, which is really nice to see. This works the same on the Ohm64 and Block as shown in the video below.” (Read more.. http://blog.lividinstruments.com/2009/10/20/arkaos-and-block/ )

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Using Flash ActionScript 3 in GrandVJ 1.2b1
19th Oct 2009

As you might have seen from the list of new features in GrandVJ 1.2, we now have support for Flash ActionScript 3.
(Update: MediaMaster also supports AS3 as of version 1.2, so this is valid forMediaMaster also).

The issue that prevented previous version to support ActionScript 3 was that Adobe has upgraded their security mechanism preventing global variable declarations to be exposed to external parties (as explained in this great tutorial by Ben Guerrette).

However, in ActionScript 3, you can declare functions to act as external interface, allowing to communicate with the Flash movie through a specified channel.

So in order to retrieve/set variables in ActionScript 3, you need to create two functions “arkSetVariable” & “arkGetVariable” and declare them as external interface:

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How To: Create dynamic Flash text for GrandVJ
15th Oct 2009

Note: This is also valid for MediaMaster and NuVJ
A post by Guest Author VJ Ecin (Ben Guerrette), find more about him at the end of this article..

Here’s my second tutorial showing how to take advantage of the Flash capabilities within ArKaos GrandVJ. This one covers the creation of dynamic text visuals. I’ll go explain how to tap into the “statement” variable within Flash so you can create your own text based clips.

I’ll also touch on the “duration” and “position” variables, which if used properly, allow playback speed adjustment of code based animations. We’ll be using some basic ActionScript 2.0 that’s a little more advanced than the previous tutorial.. Note that it will also work for NuVJ and MediaMaster since the variables are the same.

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Video WTF?
08th Oct 2009

The guys from the Miro crew have just launched a new web site very cleverly called Video WTF? If you don’t know about Miro, it’s a free and open-source desktop video player which is built on open standards and designed to encourage decentralization of video hosting (you really should have to give it a try: get it here).

Video WTF? is collaboratively moderated place to ask and answer questions about video cameras, editing, production, publishing, promotion, etc. In other words, if you have a question about video, you can go there to ask it.. And if you’re a video guru and want to share your knowledge, you can go there to answer questions.

The site has just launched today so, while I’m writing this only 31 questions have been asked, but they already cover very different subjects related to video. Below are a few examples:

How To: Master output fade in GrandVJ
23rd Sep 2009

Some users have asked on the forum how to do a master output fade or a blackout button in GrandVJ.

In mixer mode, you could always assign a black image and assign it to layer 8 but people using the synth mode (or if you simply don’t wanna waste an additional layer) have to use some tricks to acheive it.

The key is to use the master brightness and contrast on the master:  If you pull the brightness to zero and the contrast to the maximum, all output will be blackened.

So we want to go from the “normal state”:

To the “black out state”:

Using a single controller or key.

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GrandVJ 1.2b4 with support for audio
12th Sep 2009

We’ve been a bit quiet lately but we’ve been working hard trying to move sound support from the old system (based on QuickTime) to an implementation using FFMPeg. This is because the QT support is getting worse and worse and we think it’s important we move to a more controllable medium.

The Beta 3 released last week on our forums contained the first result of this implementation but wasn’t very smooth or even stable especially with backward/forward playback.

The Beta 4 fixes the backward playback bug and relies on a new FFMPeg build that supports AC3. This means you can now drop VOB’s & MKV and get proper audio running… If the vob is 5.1, we also do stereo mixdown.

Surf to the forum post for more details about this Beta and the download links..

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How To: Create audio-reactive Flash for GrandVJ
08th Sep 2009

A post by Guest Author VJ Ecin (Ben Guerrette), find more about him at the end of this article..

As promised, here’s the first in a series of tutorials showing how to take advantage of the Flash capabilities within ArKaos GrandVJ. Note that it will also work for NuVJand MediaMaster since the variables are the same.

In this tutorial I’ll explain how to tap into the EQ data to create some simple audio-reactive animations. We’ll be using some basic ActionScript 2.0 for the inexperienced Flash programmer. I won’t go into much detail on the how the code works but it should be enough of an introduction to allow some experimentation in creating new content for your VJ arsenal.

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Charlie Mars at Metamorphoses Festival
20th Aug 2009

Charlie Mars, the French “Videomaker from outerspace” didn’t wait long to try his new GrandVJ live on a stage.. On Aug. 09 he bought his license from us, the next day he was already posting on his Vimeo channel a cool home demo with GrandVJ visuals that we found by browsing YouTube and posted here.

Now just five days later, on 15 Aug. he was already VJing live for the ZôL concert atMetamorphoses, a French Electronic music festival and it went great, check out the video below!

Okay Charlie is not a beginner when it comes to playing with video but we like to think that we succeeded in making GrandVJ a powerful but easy VJing software with a very short learning curve.

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