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13th Aug 2009

Here’s a very funny video we found on YouTube from Charlie Mars, a French artist which qualifies himself as “Videomaker from outerspace”.

Charlie is the guy with the funny colorful hood, of course we spotted the GrandVJsoftware interface on his laptop, with the Korg Nano’s..

So we sent him a little message to know more about him; read the full post for his explanations below the video.

29th Jul 2009

Scott [amoeba], a long time ArKaos user (since 1998!!) has just published hot news on his web site theestateovcreation. If you don’t know [amoeba] yet, it’s really time to check it out and discover his very unique style.

[amoeba]‘s creation/mixing process involves a lot of different tools such as After Effects or Ableton Live and various techniques like typography and animation generally mixed an synced together whit GrandVJ.

23rd Jul 2009

Blindskunk, an ArKaos GrandVJ user from Australia we found on Twitter has made an interesting experience about creating an audio/visual clip usingGrandVJ and Yamaha’s Tenori-ON.

The interest of this experience is that Blindskunk uses the musical instrument capabilities from the Tenori-ON to produce the music and at the same time its MIDI controller capabilities to trigger GrandVJ visuals in sync. To do so, he has linked every channel and button from the Tenori-ON to a visual in GrandVJ, and got that visual to play in time to the changes.

22nd Jul 2009

Ok the title is probably a little bit simplistic but there was no way I could fit the whole setup Momo and other VJ’s had installed at Coachella in just one sentence.. So I just picked up the 3 NuVJ‘s :)

If you read this article from Momo The Monster himself at Create Digital Motion you will understand that VJing when done professionally is a very serious job which requires good software, quality hardware, nice visual content and an incredible lot of planning and organization – in case you didn’t figured this out already..

14th Jul 2009

How to create interactive Flash animations for GrandVJ? Learn with the pros and raffle a free license!

ArKaos is pleased to sponsor La-Va.org’s Flash Video Mixing Workshop: an afternoon of lectures, live demonstrations, and discussions of programming techniques, platform quirks, and methods of creating interactive Flash visuals in a live setting.

Flash animation has become a weapon of choice in a VJ’s arsenal due to its small file size, flexible scalability, and (most importantly) the potential for interactive programmatic elements.

13th Jul 2009

Students from the HackCollege – a blog about life hacks for college students – have just posted an article about the last party they organized in LA and how they have used GrandVJas part of the gimmick at the party.

Kelly Sutton, the article author, blogs about their experience with the DV2 laptops that HP has kindly provided them for the weekend and how it has been put to contribution for the party as a very simple VJ station that every guest could play with; here are some quotes we liked a lot :)

08th Jul 2009

When it comes to media playback, at ArKaos we always fight to get the best out of current computer configuration.

When you are in the show industry and try to find out the best way to compress your content it’s still a little bit of black magic. While some codec are able to compress video very well they are heavy to handle for the machines, even more, the codec that does the best job at compressing while keeping a good quality such as H264 are very bad when you need to scratch your media.

07th Jul 2009

Here’s a quick tip for PC users: if you use a multi-core/multi-processor machine with GrandVJ orMediaMaster, you will benefit a lot to use codecs that are played through our FFMPEG player rather than through QuickTime.

This is due to the fact that on a PC, the internal QuickTime decoding routines are not capable of multi-threading, which makes it impossible to decode frames in parallel. So even if one layer can run properly using QuickTime libraries, the more layer you pile up, the more the decoding bottleneck will show up.