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By ArKaos Team
on 29 Jul 2009 12:00 AM
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Scott [amoeba], a long time ArKaos user (since 1998!!) has just published hot news on his web site theestateovcreation. If you don’t know [amoeba] yet, it’s really time to check it out and discover his very unique style.

[amoeba]‘s creation/mixing process involves a lot of different tools such as After Effects or Ableton Live and various techniques like typography and animation generally mixed an synced together whit GrandVJ.

In the video below he’s been using Ableton MIDI patterns to control and trigger micro QuickTime movies that he created with After Effects edits and constructivist motion graphics with synched audio through ArKaos software.

Fore more inspiring VJ work by [amoeba] check out the rest of this post..

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