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By ArKaos Team
on 13 Jul 2009 12:00 AM
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Students from the HackCollege – a blog about life hacks for college students – have just posted an article about the last party they organized in LA and how they have used GrandVJas part of the gimmick at the party.

Kelly Sutton, the article author, blogs about their experience with the DV2 laptops that HP has kindly provided them for the weekend and how it has been put to contribution for the party as a very simple VJ station that every guest could play with; here are some quotes we liked a lot :)

  …we installed some cool VJing software (ArKaos GrandVJ) on one of the dv2’s we had. We invited everyone at the party to try their hand mixing video live, which is much easier than it sounds.

It was a hit. Whether mixing videos of the late King of Pop’s hits or mashing up some favorite YouTube clips, many people there gave it a shot. There was actually a line to try it at a party. Please record this in written history: HackCollege made people at a party want to stand in line to use a computer. It was like an Apple store, but with free booze.

The dv2 handled most video clips without worry. It slowed down a little bit on some of the HD clips we ingested into GrandVJ. I guess I can’t blame it, mixing HD video with transparency and effects is no light task.

That’s a good life hack not just for students: you don’t need to be superstar-pro-vj (or to hire one) to start making parties with great visuals, a simple laptop, a projector and GrandVJ is enough.

Read the full post if you’re interested in how HP’s DV2 laptop and GrandVJ helped those students to spend a great weekend and put on an awesome party!

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