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ANTIVJ’s Grote Kerk: Visuals in a Cathedral
03rd Jul 2009

ANTIVJ is a “visual label” which specializes in visual experiments, outdoor installations, architecture design, and most notably projection mapping.

As a part of their creation process they make a very advanced use of ArKaos software’s blend and mask modes to map visuals on onto architecture or objects.

They have once again caught our attention with one of their latest installations, a stunning visual show in Breda’s cathedral. It’s a beautiful mix of painting projection, light sculpture, perfect mapping and great music made by a team of very experienced professionals..

But enough words, have a look at the video; it’s really worth watching to the end!

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Software performance analysis
30th Jun 2009

When your frame rate goes down, and the video starts lagging, it is important to be able to analyse where it can come from. Today we’re going to look at some information we can use to troubleshoot this.

Roughly, the way our application works is the following: at each pass, we read  a video frame from the disk if needed, decode it and then send it to the GPU (the Graphic card’s CPU) together with all blending and effect operations. Then we ask the graphic card to flush all operations (that is actually processing all pending graphical instructions) and present it to the display.

If you look at the bottom of the user interface window in either NuVJ, GrandVJ or MediaMaster, you will notice that there are two numbers constantly updated.

Something like:
Graph: 400.00 Total: 60.00

These numbers indicate the speed at which the engine does its rendering.

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Ctrl Alt Shift : exploring VJ Culture
24th Jun 2009

Here’s a very interesting found on Vimeo, Ctrl Alt Shift is a documentary exploring VJ Culture created by Dean G Moore & Simon Lane from V.I.A – (Visually Impaired Artists).

It features  Interviews and Footage from The Light Surgeons, D-Fuse, Hexstatic, Vj Anyone, Addictive TV, Vector Meldrew and Fatamorgana.

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GrandVJ, Ableton Live and Akai MPD24
21st Jun 2009

Note: This is an un-edited post originally written by Modemasters (G’day Adelaide!) on VJ Forums, but we thought it might be worth having a copy here. Although focused on the MPD24, it’s a good general overwiew of using GrandVJ with Ableton Live and MIDI controllers.

Huge thanks to Modemasters for having done such a clear Tutorial!

This tutorial involves using an Akai MPD24 Drum Controller in conjunction with Ableton Live as a host sequencer and ArKaos GrandVJ as a ReWire slave for MIDI synchronised video clip launching.

It is assumed that you are familiar with the basic operation of an MPD24, including edit presets and controller parameters, and basic MIDI mapping within Ableton Live.

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New sync experiments at WWDC
12th Jun 2009

Fraktus used the opportunity of having the compatibility lab at WWDC to put his synced visual network player at test with Snow Leopard and 6 computers (1 server, 5 clients). The clients are some low end Macs, Mac Mini, iMacs and a MacBook Pro.

Here is the result:

Ok there is a black frame when switching queues but hey, it’s a prototype :)

It’s fully multithreaded so development is moving forward carefully. There are threads for the network synchronization, video decompression, OpenGL rendering and status update to the server

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The Prodigy: smack my VFX up!
19th May 2009

Richard Shipman – professional lighting designer and long-time ArKaos supporter – has just accomplished another successful performance, this time for Prodigy during their UK Arena Tour in April.

Check out the full article at Digital Production Middle East, and if you want to know more about Richard Shipman, have a look at hisLighting Designer interview we published back in 2006.

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Visuals synced over a network of players
16th May 2009

Here’s the latest idea from Fraktus (our Code Guru); a way to distribute visual content over a network of players. Note that it’s just a prototype and will not necessarily become a software feature or product.

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