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By ArKaos Team
on 28 Mar 2011 12:00 AM
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Here is the Public Beta Release Candidate version of GrandVJ 1.5. This update will include several exciting new features such as Transitions, Browser Preview and the “ArKaos Connect” VST plugin, which you can immediately see in action in the videos below (then click “read more” for the details).

This Release Candidate version should be the last one before the official release. It includes all the features, graphics and documentation of the official version. All the bugs found in the beta have been fixed, we have also resolved some instability issues that were affecting previous versions of GrandVJ.

ArKaos GrandVJ and Ableton Live:

ArKaos GrandVJ and Steinberg Cubase:


ArKaos Connect

ArKaos Connect allows GrandVJ to receive sound and MIDI from any audio sequencer that support VST plugins like Ableton Live or Steinberg Cubase. The audio host can run on the same machine as GrandVJ or on a different one on the same local network.

The configuration of the connection in GrandVJ is very straightforward : just select the sending VST plugin in an auto-updated list and enjoy the new possibilities open by these interactions : Live Generators can now directly react to the sound of an audio performance, MIDI can be received from everywhere..


Transitions, already presented in the last GrandVJ Dev version, have been finalized and can now be used with their full creative potential. As a reminder, transitions provide automated smooth changes between two video clips. They can be activated and parametrized for each cell and/or each deck in mixer mode.

A large collection of transitions effects has been added to the browser library. The choice of the transition is therefore as simple as choosing a normal effect. Each transition can be personalized using up to four controllable parameters plus an extra transition time parameter.


Browser Preview

Video clips, effects and transitions can handily be previewed in a small window below the browser panel. It makes the content browsing more efficient, allowing you to decide which visual, effect, transition, etc. you will use before first applying it to a cell in GrandVJ.


Multi-monitors support on windows

GrandVJ now fully supports multi-screen output in Windows Vista & 7 for Multi-head graphics cards. This means you can connect several displays to one graphic card and GrandVJ will spread the output across those connected displays.

Bidirectional support for Akai APC20

Just in time for the release, we’ve added bidirectional support for Akai’s new MIDI controller, the APC20! It works the same as for the APC40, checkout the doc for more info.

Download the RC2 version:

GrandVJ 1.5 final has been released, you can get the latest version from the GrandVJ download page
How to install?:
Just run the installer and follow the steps.

However, in order to use ArKaos Connect with a sequencer in Windows, please do the following step:

  • Windows: copy “ArKaos Connect VST plugin/ArKaosConnect.dll” into your VST folder (i.e : “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 6\VSTPlugins”)


As usual, documentation is provided as PDF in the “Documentation” folder:

  • ArKaos_GrandVJ_1_5_ReleaseNotes.pdf (Changes from GrandVJ 1.2 to 1.5)
  • ArKaos_Connect_quickstart.pdf (QuickStart guide for ArKaos Connect)


This is not yet the final release version, it still needs some testing, remember that before using it in front of an audience. We don’t have a release date for the final version yet, it will depend on your precious feedback..

Happy testing!

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