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By ArKaos Team
on 27 Jun 2011 12:00 AM

GrandVJ is not only a tool for VJ’s to mix visuals in sync with the music from a DJ, it can also be very useful for Musicians wishing to add a visual dimension to their music. Ok, the difference is subtle but it’s indeed another point of view that we keep in consideration when developing the software.


Recently we spotted the video below on Twitter, it’s produced by live audio-visual artist Ryan Noise and Unique Squared and we found it to be a great introduction to the use of GrandVJ in connection with Ableton Live. Note that Ryan connects GrandVJ and Ableton through Rewire here, but the latest GrandVJ 1.5 comes with a VST plugin which allows not only to send MIDI to GrandVJ but also sound, so that you can use it to trigger sound-reactive Generators or Flash animations.

For years Ryan has used GrandVJ as his live video mixing solution. When asked, “Why did you decide to go with Ableton Live, Akai’s APC40 and GrandVJ in your setup?”, Ryan replied: “I decided on Ableton as my main host for it’s over all audio manipulation, MIDI functionality, low CPU load and simple programmability.

I’m using the APC40 as a tactile control unit, this gives me the ability to control live video and remix audio by applying filters and parameters to the assignable knobs and buttons on one customized surface.

Lastly for video, I use GrandVJ because of its ease of use, MIDI and OSC mapping abilities, multi-camera inputs, stellar effects, and dead-simple customization.

GrandVJ has been the back bone of my visual performance for years. The visual possibilities with this software are limitless and I always find new was to surprise even myself.”

About Ryan Noise:

Ryan Noise is a live audio-visual artist originally from Atlanta, GA. With years of experience in designing and performing live AV shows, Ryan has had the privilege of working with companies and groups such as Microsoft, Apple, the Ableton Live users groups and many more. With music releases on Beatport and ITunes, as well as his visual works being showcased in Atlanta event spaces such as the GA Aquarium, Club Sutra, Halo Lounge, and The Eyedrum, Ryan has only begun to share his love and passion for live and interactive AV performances with the world.

More about Ryan Noise at www.RyanNoise.com or Twitter @ryannoise

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