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By ArKaos Team
on 09 Nov 2011 12:00 AM
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DJ Ron sent us this quick video where he’s presenting his VJ/DJ setup installed at Houston’s Loggia-Sugarland sports bar.

As you can see it’s all very organized; thanks to the laptop stands he only needs a small table to fit everything and be ready to mix both music and visuals in sync.

This video is no longer available...

Allowing this kind of very mobile setup is exactly what we want to achieve by making GrandVJ a lightweight but powerful video mixing software that can very easily produce great visuals even on a laptop. Actually, it’s so easy that DJ Ron – which was primarily a DJ as you guessed – had no problems to add VJing to his skills without sacrificing his DJ talent..

So if you want to be a professional VJ/DJ, you must have some talent and sense of rhythm, that’s a fact.. Clever organization of your setup is also must, as we’ve just seen. But I know from discussing with DJ Ron on Facebook that all his files are also very carefully organized. When mixing live you certainly don’t want to be looking after that video loop that was on that drive you left home, right?

Have a look at the last picture below, DJ Ron comments:

“For radio mixshows, I use a 320 GB music drive which contains about 15,000 MP3s. For DJ/VJ gigs, I use a 1.5 TB video drive that contains about 7500 music videos.”

“The most important thing to me is keeping a complete backup. I travel with two drives that are mirrored, in case one goes down, I can switch to the other. At home, I have a third mirrored drive in case my bag is stolen or damaged. Take it from me – BACKUP your content. Don’t learn the hard way.”

“I have my own folder system that I use to track music. I am still in the process of converting my CD library to digital – in addition to maintaining the constant influx of new music. I don’t think my system would work for others, but it works for me.”

That’s right, the best way for you to organize your files is probably your way.. But we all can use a little inspiration, so are you using folders or file names? Are you sorting video loops by duration, style, color or length? Feel free to comment and let everyone know your clever way of organizing music tracks and video loops on your drives!


About DJ Ron (Ron Slomowicz):

Based out of Nashville, DJ Ron Slomowicz has been spinning dance tracks on the radio since 1991 and in clubs since 1997; in 2006, Ron made the move from laptop DJ to laptop VJ and mixes music videos in his live sets. Ron is currently a resident DJ at Play Dance Bar and Tribe in Nashville.

Ron was the first entertainer in the Untied States to use ArKaos GrandVJ software. Using a dual laptop system, Ron seamlessly beatmixes and blends music and video and exports it to GrandVJ where he adds layers of visuals and effects – literally remixing the videos live. With his cutting edge setup, Ron has been featured in Club World and DJ Times magazines.

DJ Ron Slomowicz has been writing about and covering the dance scene for over 10 years in various magazines, web sites and online forums. Since 2003 Ron is also a guide for dancemusic.about.com which won best website at the International Dance Music Awards at Winter Music Conference this year. As guide, Ron was the first to write an article about GrandVJ in 2008, right after the release.

DJ Ron Home Page: http://djron.com/

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