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OC Group Uses Sound, Light and Special Effects in Carcassone, France
on 02 Sep 2016 3:46 PM

In August, the city of Carcassonne created a live show at the heart of the medieval city to offer its inhabitants and the thousands of visitors present, a quality show combining tradition, history, heritage, light and sound. For this creative project, the City of Carcassonne turned to Christian Salès and his team at OC Group.

​With OC’s latest show Lumina, Christian Salès designed a pioneering show where his technical prowess and imagination travelled to Occitan medieval times. With monumental video projections, the OC Group and installed in a magical setting inspired by the myths and legends of the Middle Ages. Ambiance of stained glass, illuminated manuscript and flames of the sun, light was the theme of this show on which displayed the spirit of Troubadour. As an astronomical clock in a cathedral, a medieval calendar recites the time. He leads the viewer to a knight reproducing a ritual found among shepherds of the Black Mountain, using a stick that turns into sword. His shadow moved on stage with an astonishing scale ratio, losing all markers and enhancing the realism of the show. Finally, the medieval bestiary with its legendary animals is in the spotlight, with, notably, the unicorn, was played by a real horse, approaching a girl seated in the audience. Poetry and Occitan Paratge values were also key elements in show.

Special effects powered by ArKaos Pro Technologies helped perfectly synchronize images to music within the different scenes.

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Photographer: Philippe Calas

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