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ArKaos Changes The Way Solid Rock Sees AV
on 13 Sep 2016 3:59 PM

In search of a solution that would cater for their AV needs, a server with multiple output points and one which would accommodate both small and large events, Johannesburg based Solid Rock Event Technical took ownership of a new ArKaos Studio Server.

The story began at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt earlier this year, when Nick Britz from DWR Distribution introduced Solid Rock’s Keith Mac Intyre (founder) and Rolley Maphosa (audio engineer) to the ArKaos team. “From what I understand, within half an hour of Rolley seeing the system for the first time, he was already mapping spheres and cubes with the product” explained Andrew Temblett, Business Development Manager at Solid Rock. “So I think the marriage was made there, and when Keith came back to Johannesburg we started looking at the software available on-line. It seemed a very simple solution that would be suitable for a lot of our AV requirements.”

When ArKaos’ Marco Hinic and Benjamin Bauwens presented training in South Africa in August, Andrew and Rolley were keen to attend. For Rolley it was expanding on what he had already been shown in Germany and picking up a few extra pointers. For Andrew, who produces and manages shows, it was important to know the realms of the product.

Solid Rock’s new server was personally delivered by Marco and Benjamin, this one-on-one time allowing them to answer any other questions.

Rolley has been with Solid Rock for eight years, specializing in AV. He used the ArKaos Studio Server for the first time at a recent IBM event. “I wasn’t nervous using it and I like it,” Rolley smiles. “It’s easy to use and I haven’t had any problems. Usually content is sent to us and we play around with it at the office. With this server you can do everything on site which is very helpful in regards to manipulating images.”

It was as natural for Andrew to get started. “I sat for an hour and I was running content,” he said. “For Solid Rock it will go on many shows because it’s versatile. We needed a solution that we could put on small, medium or large scale shows, hassle free. We have a large event coming up in October at The Pavilion at Sandton Convention Centre and we are structuring it around the use of ArKaos. So everything we are proposing is keeping in the realms of the server.”

Commented Nick Britz of DWR, “The ArKaos Studio Server is very powerful and quick to set up. The advantage of the server is all its inputs which means you can send cameras or laptops to it. The hardware is built for the software so it runs well. The software enables the user to add images to screens and then manipulate them. It really is a fantastic way of live editing. The system is stable, well known and what’s great is that it can run stand alone or with a lighting desk or video technician. Solid Rock are using various triggers for the system so they use audio triggering or midi-triggering. It’s a great video solution.”

DWR can be contacted at:

DWR Distribution (Pty) Ltd,
Block C, Unit1
Kimbult Industrial Park, 9 Zeiss Road, Laser Park
Honeydew, 2170
Johannesburg, South Africa
Tel:: +27 11 794 5023
Web: http://dwrdistribution.co.za/

ArKaos can be contacted at:

ArKaos s.a
198, Chaussée de Waterloo
B1640 Rhode-St-Genèse
Tel: +32 2340 86 86
Fax: +32 2340 86 87
Email: contact@arkaos.net
Web: pro.arkaos.com

About ArKaos PRO

ArKaos PRO is a dynamic brand that has taken the professional video market by storm since its formation in early 2013. A division of ArKaos, which was founded in 1996, ArKaos PRO services the large-scale, professional-level show and lighting projects which dominate ArKaos’ client base worldwide.

ArKaos PRO software products and media servers deliver blistering performance in speed, effects and manipulation of simultaneous high-definition videostreams.

Leading lighting and stage designers use ArKaos PRO products to create fantastic visual projections on video screens and LED walls at concerts, theatres, churches and clubs. Rental companies love the product range for its tour-tested stability!

More information on ArKaos MediaMaster Pro and other ArKaos media server and video software can be found on our website at pro.arkaos.com where you can also find your nearest ArKaos dealer.

For more information on ArKaos please contact:
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