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5 unique styles, 5 spectacular women and 5 deserving winners!
on 08 Mar 2018 4:04 PM

The deadline has ended, all the projects have been reviewed and we are amazingly proud to present all 5 badass winners! More than just women, these 5 are technicians, artists in their own right and bosses in a male dominated sector, and each one of them fully deserves to be featured here!

First up, Nadia Iuliana Purcaru from SM Proline in Romania. Nadia impressed us with her work, which always tackles an enormous technical challenge, and her ambitious setups.

Nadia’s team took care of indoor lighting at the Vision Club, located in Focsani-Romania, consisting of 10,000 pixels LED RGB of 12mm and 12,000 pixels LED RGB of 30mm. Nadia was also in charge of installing a 55 square meters P10 LED display and 12 square meters P2.5 LED display around and above the indoor dancefloor at Noa, the biggest club in Romania. Lastly, Nadia and her colleagues recently finished an installation for Apa Nova-Bucuresti, a water supply company that contacted them to install and program an impressive P3 flexible indoor LED display.

Check out these photos and videos to see the final results!

After a long flight to Mumbai, we meet VJ Decoy AKA Dhanya Pilo. Dhanya is a filmmaker and VJ who really wants to take her audience on a visual journey through live performances, visuals and sound. She summarises what she does like this: "A visual jockey is one who is synthesizing visual experience using the arenas of spatial design, expanded cinema, interactive communication."

Dhanya really showed us what she could do when she sent us video of 36KHz, a collaboration between Urban Hippy Project and VJ Decoy that was presented in India in 2007. The project imagines modern city life and visualises the noises and shock of human interaction.

You can enjoy a small clip from her creations here

And now from warm and sunny India to the south of Germany, where Sabine "Zab" Reichhuber works as a lighting and projection specialist as part of the collective JUDOZABVJEYLE. Her project in the spotlight is "The Man And The Journey" by RPWL. This revisiting of a Pink Floyd tour from the late ‘60s aimed to make the audience feel like it was on drugs, “similar to probably 95% of the audience of the original show” to put it in her words.

Zab chose to hang curtains that she could project through and allowed her to have the same image on 2 to 4 different levels, almost like a 3D effect. She was very proud when audience members told her afterwards that they had a hard time working out how the projections were done and where the projectors were positioned. To heighten the effect, Zab used as little lighting as possible, focussing on creating the scene using only light from the three video projectors, positioned on the front truss on the left, right and centre.

Stephanie Garcia is our next winner: a Latin American woman with a passion for visual art. She has been working with ArKaos technology since 2003 and formed a feminist-inclusive experimental video partnership in Ecuador called Concepto M.I.A.U or “Mujeres.Ideas.Acciones.Unidas”. In 2008, Stephanie moved to New York City and started working on visual project with a Brooklyn community, organizing street projections and participating in the neighborhood’s festival called Bushwick Open Studios for the past 7 years. She became involved with the underground music scene and has worked with multiple bands creating original visuals for various music shows under the artistic name Screaming Horses.

Stephanie explains: "I am always pursuing works that are supported by concepts inclined to social, political and empowering messages. Through my visuals, my priority is to collaborate with ideas that create awareness. This is my way of staying positive, grounded and giving back."
She ads: "Having affordable access to dynamic programs like Arkaos open multiple doors and for that I am very grateful to the Arkaos team."

You can enjoy a small clip from her creations here

Our last winner is Lea Brugnoli, who forms a female artistic duo together with Hala Ghatasheh. These two women are very different in many respects: Lea uses Mac, Hala has a pc. Lea is from Italy, Hala from Jordan. Lea is passionate and unpredictable, while Hala is strict and organised. They do have one thing in common though: they love videomapping. They started working together in Germany over two years ago as Media Architects specialized in the fields of Exhibition Design, Interactive Media and Immersive Spatial Experiences. They like to integrate media and the latest technological advancements into architectural design.

In 2017, they decided to take part in "Genius Loci Weimar", a Video Mapping Festival where they performed live, at the same time, by overlapping their two different video styles on the same architectural facade. According to them, this was not as easy as they first thought, since their setup and programs were so different!

First of all, we want to genuinely congratulate all contestants for their submissions. The sheer amount of diversity, artistic views, creative solutions and passion was overwhelming. We’re proud that fierce women like them are part of the future of multimedia and video design!

Each of these women wins an ArKaos GrandVJ license so they can continue to create new and extraordinary things!

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