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By ArKaos Team
on 11 Aug 2010 12:00 AM

Here’s an “Apple Success Story” video interview (in French) of Stan Walbert aka VJ Stello about how he’s using GrandVJ and other tools to setup interactive visual shows like the VS concert at Forum Vauréal in France.

The setup was complex because the installation, which involved three video projectors for six screens, had to be autonomous, reactive, stable and quick to setup in any venue. VJ Stello explains that these imperatives made him naturally select an Apple based solution (read more below..).

Visuals on the main screen were triggered by GrandVJ on Mac while two MacBooks were feeding the other screens on the left and right. Since the VJ was focussing on controlling GrandVJ through MIDI for the main screen in the center, he needed an easy solution to manipulate different images on the side screens at the same time.

Stello decided to use for the side screens some audio-reactive Quartz compositions in sync with the live show. They were controlled trhough OSC with an iPhone to trigger transitions or to modify the overall color tone to match song specific lighting sets.

Below is the teaser for the DVD that will be released soon, so you can see more of the of the VS concert and the visuals on the screens..

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