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By ArKaos Team
on 07 Jan 2010 12:00 AM

First let me start by wishing you all a happy new year and a lot of success for 2010, on behalf of the whole ArKaos team!

Now why not start this brand new year by looking at what were the most popular articles from this blog in 2009 (second half of 2009 that is, since we started this Blog in May..).
This way we can better understand what kind of posts our dear readers like the most…

1 >> How To: Create audio-reactive Flash for GrandVJ

(1,221 unique visitors)
Here’s the first in a series of tutorials showing how to take advantage of the Flash capabilities within ArKaos GrandVJ. Note that it will also work for NuVJ and MediaMaster since the variables are the same. In this tutorial Ben Guerrette explains how to tap into the EQ data to create some simple audio-reactive animations..

2 >> GrandVJ, Ableton Live and Akai MPD24

(1,010 unique visitors)

This tutorial involves using an Akai MPD24 Drum Controller in conjunction with Ableton Live as a host sequencer and ArKaos GrandVJ as a ReWire slave for MIDI synchronised video clip launching..

3 >> GrandVJ 1.2b1 supports Flash AS3, Quartz Composer, APC40 and more

(773 unique visitors)

GrandVJ 1.2b1 is out for testing! It comes with ton’s of cool new toys such Actionscript 3 support, Quartz Composer player, Akai APC40 template and much, much more!..

4 >> Advantages of using Flash for VJ content

(755 unique visitors)

While a lot of VJ content is produced with high-end motion graphics, 3D modeling, and video editing software, Flash provides some advantages over these platforms not immediately obvious..

5 >> Quartz Composer integration in GrandVJ 1.2

(660 unique visitors)
GrandVJ 1.2 now allows to use Quartz Composer .qtz files directly, both as sources and effects, let’s have a quick look at how you can use Quartz compositions with GrandVJ..

Ok, “Tutorials and How To’s” you said? We got it!

Finally, here are a few ones that did not made it to the top five although we think they should have been ranked higher, just in case you missed them :)

1 >> ArKaos MediaMaster 1.1: The Smooth Operator!

ArKaos is pleased to announce the release of MediaMaster 1.1 with major improvements pushing the boundaries of professional video projection another step further..

2 >> Why software genlock at 60 FPS does matter!

Here’s why the “software genlock” optimization from ArKaos engine introduced in MediaMaster 1.1 is very important to ensure the best possible fluidity on computers equipped with multi core processors..

3 >> Using the right decoder for your video content

To get the most out of GrandVJ or MediaMaster, benefit from the advantages of multi threading and perform frame blending you should make sure that your content is always played through the best decoder..

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