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15th Mar 2013
Artist name / Real name: Tofa / Chris
Birth date? 21.05.1974
Birth place Berlin
Whera are you based? Berlin
How long in the mix? Since 1999
DJs / bands / you worked with: Grooverider, Dave Clarke, Juan Atkins, Robert Owens, DJ Assault, Andy C., Aaron LaCrate, Theo Parish, Blake Baxter, Marcus Intalex
Places / clubs / events where you worked: Resident at Tresor/Berlin since 2007, hoch10/Hamburg, Rosis/Berlin, T-Mobile Streetgigs Tour 2008, Coke DJ Culture Tours since 2008, Metalheadz, Urban Art Forms Festival, sound:frame Festival, transmediale
Relevant other experience? From music-production to animations and film editing in combination with illustrations, urban art and photography - all-inclusive.
Your turn-ons: to realize visions
Your turn-offs: no visions
What keeps you motivated? passion


Content and music

Where do you get your inspiration?
By travelling and travelling without moving.

How would you describe your content / visuals?
Various styles are possible – depending on the needs - a selection of motion-graphics, shortclips, lightwriting-loops, and live-cinema-storytelling...

How do you prepare your content / visuals?
Working out a visual concept – contentwise producing everything new, e.g. architecture-orientated mappings, multiscreenings . Realtime mixing and re-editing later. So GrandVJ helps me a lot to work on an intuitive permanent exploring liveset with great modulation options.

Is it purely video / data or does it contain audio?
As i´m not only into vjing but also into own music productions i use both in combination very often. Both is less without the opposite!

What is your preferred genre of music to work with?
Basically it´s electronic music.There are no personal boarders between styles, as long as it is good music.
Working at Tresor actually brought back a lot techno influences in my life, but i´m also open to ambient, instrumental hiphop, triphop, breakbeat, d&b and jungle, or what´s coming up next!

What are you working on now?
Schaltraum - an audiovisual livestudio at Tresor for ongoing collaborations with other artist.

Hardware & software

What kind of setup do you use; how does your VJ Setup look like?
2 Laptops, Tripleheads, V4 Edirol, Korg Nano Control, Panasonic AWE-7 for some rare oldschoolsetups, 4 projectors, Toshiba videowall
Arkaos GrandVJ, Ableton Live, Korg Kaosspad 3, Korg Kaossilator

How long do you use ArKaos now?
I had my first tryout in February 2003

Why / when do you use ArKaos?
I use ArKaos mainly for mixing live and for remixing produced content - it's easy and allows fast handling and a quick midimapping.
More or less it depends on the person behind the screen, for me it s about the balanced combination of lights, visuals and music.

Time & money

Which remuneration would you expect for a VJ set?
Nothing is for free ourdays, but getting a positive feedback in the end - that's what counts the most!

Links & contact info

Web site?


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Artdirection for Tresor since 2007 
Resident at the hoch10 series since 2002.
Clips on the Remix-DVD Compilation on lightrhythm visuals, Tokyo 
Coke DJ Culture Tour resident VJ since 2008
share berlin node since 2007

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