facebook pixel Pixels Nervosos by Alberto Zanella | ArKaos VJ/DJ

A careless wall, lost in Sao Paulo's urban landscape. A door that takes you to nowhere. A graffiti inspiration, an occupation, even if it's a digital occupation.

Free from client's worries, briefings, deadlines, with the only purpose of having fun, be nice to be watched and interacted with, here comes the project Pixels Nervosos, literally Nervous Pixels or Edgy Pixels. All they want is to be glued on any careless wall.

With the help of Autodesk's 3DS Max to model the wall and the Adobe's After Effects to 2D animation, Alberto Zanella made a VJ set in ArKaos GrandVJ with 120 video loops remotely accessible from iPad or iPhone.

Trough a very simple and intuitive layout made on Hexler TouchOSC App, the control of what is projected on the dearly, almost forgotten wall is now democratized.
This production was a great excuse to invite some friends to a party where all the guests could choose what they wanted to see mapped on the wall, taking away the vj's monopoly of the images.

Technical setup:

  • MacBook Pro i7 with OSX and Windows 7
  • Wacom Intuos Tablet
  • Apple Ipad
  • Epson W12+ Projector
  • Autodesk 3DS Max
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • ArKaos GrandVJ
  • Hexler TouchOSC