The work of Diego Roveroni is different from the usual scenarios where GrandVJ is used. His work is also about getting people moved and having a good time, but more importantly he‘s using it to get kids and adultes involved, not in clubs but in classrooms, on the streets and in theaters.

Diego Roveroni is an italian artist living in Switzerland, who started as an actor and dancer. Later on he became aware of the possibilites of using video on stage.
So he refined his work by using real time video software and live camera picture.
He is a member of the italian group “orto delle arti” and the swiss artist collective Rohling (

He uses ArKaos software to create spaces to interact with, colorful little-big worlds where the actors get direclty integrated into the video canvas, so everbody can be astar for a moment.

In “orto in scena” he uses GrandVJ in productions with kids to simulate  an interaction between them and the video environment by layering different videos in response to the action of the players.
This show uses professional actors in a green-box who interact live with kids on the stage through a live processed video.

In “Digitales Kunstspiel” (digital art game) children play little games on a video canvas. They jump from platform to platform or try not to get washed away by big waves.
You don't need high-tech controllers or 3D  cameras to get kids into this game, imagination has an infinite resolution.

Something completly different is the peep show, an interactive installation using GrandVJ with live video input.
The movements of hands in a darkend box are put over a video that is projected on a dancer, giving the impression of intimicy to the audience, while the actors couldn't be more seperated.


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