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The Core.Berlin is a team of three media-experts and lighting-designers with the main focus on visual solutions. Rick Kay, Chris Noelle and Jörg Reinauer form the core of this team of creators with an extended network of creatives in their background. All three of them have their roots in the pre-digital area and grew up from 1.0 versions till where the technic is at right now.

As Rick, Chris and Jörg are sharing their passion for visual arts, interior- and stage-design, they inspire eachother permanently and explore new ways of creative design-solutions together. Added together they can look back on 55 years of experience within this field.

During the Festival of Lights in Berlin (October 2012),  The Core. was invited to take part in the Light Arts Project Tour - an audiovisual showcase, which was featuring daily changing locations with large scale facial projections.

The major challenge was the short amount of time from dawn for setting up the installations before darkness arrives.

Olympic Station–Berlin

For The Core. the show started at Berlins Olympic Stadion with a doubleprojection in the aisle of the stadion, where the Olypmic torch is placed. Since the Olympic Games back in 1936 the torch was lit only seven times - including this nights visual installation.

Main difficulty was the brightness of the torch itself as the stadion is built by creme marble in combination with darkblue seatings.


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