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ArKaos releases GrandVJ 1.5, closing the gap between VJs and Musicians
on 24 May 2011 12:16 PM

ArKaos, leading provider of technology for live visual performances, is pleased to announce the release of GrandVJ 1.5, which includes major new features and enhancements.

GrandVJ is a real-time video mixer software allowing VJs to compose up to eight layers of Video on the fly, it is the tool of choice for live audio visual performance, the best solution for VJs, DJs, clubs and musicians.

The new GrandVJ 1.5 brings video mixing to the next level with the addition of two major new features: Transitions and ArKaos Connect VST plus several other great enhancements!

With the addition of 37 transitions, it’s even more fun to mix with GrandVJ 1.5!

  • The transitions are distributed across the following groups: eight Fades - three Blinds - six Masks - four Distortions - three 3Ds - two Pixelisations – seven Rectangles - one Slide - one Swipe - two Waves
  • Each transition can have up to four parameters plus a fade time, all of which can be controlled through MIDI.
  • In Synth Mode, the new transitions add fabulous fade in/fade out between visuals.
  • In Mixer Mode, users get advanced live control on the transitions through the A-B mixer.

ArKaos Connect VST: the missing link between Musicians and VJs

  • ArKaos Connect allows GrandVJ to receive sound and MIDI from any audio sequencer compatible with VST plug-ins, running on the same machine or on another machine from the network.
  • ArKaos Connect has been successfully tested with Ableton Live, Steinberg Cubase, Cakewalk Sonar X1, Reaper and FL Studio. Incredibly easy to setup, the plug-in configures itself automatically!
  • For VJs, ArKaos Connect enables a new level of interaction with Musicians.
  • For Musicians, ArKaos Connect makes it fun and easy to add a video track to compositions during live performance.

Further great enhancements:

Browser Preview feature.

  • The browser now allows the user to preview visuals, effects, transitions and sources before displaying them in the output window, just like a DJ would listen a track before playing it to his audience.

Akai APC 20 Support with MIDI feedback.

  • GrandVJ 1.5 brings bidirectional support for Akai’s new MIDI controller, the APC20, through a dedicated template, just like for the APC40 in the previous release.

Enhanced Live Acquisition Boards support in Mac OS X

  • GrandVJ will now accept most acquisition devices under Mac OS X thanks to the added support for QuickTime Sequence Grabber and QT Kit.

Enhanced Multiple Monitors Support on Windows.

  • Under Windows 7 it is now possible to use multiple monitors from a graphics card with several outputs, even when the spanning functionality is not available, as it was under Windows XP.

Color Pass Effect

The new color pass filter transforms a colored visual into a grayscale image, allowing only one color to pass through. Four parameters can be used to select the color range.

More about ArKaos GrandVJ:

GrandVJ accepts all common video and image formats. Its intuitive interface lets you turn your keyboard into a super controller for zipping through the functions.

GrandVJ is very easy to customize to each user's preferred setup. The interface can quickly be modified to fit individual needs and preferences.

Behind the scenes, GrandVJ speeds up with a state-of-the-art multi-threaded hardware-accelerated graphics engine that benefits from ArKaos experience of more than 10 years in live visual processing software development.

It can play video at up to 60FPS without dropping a single frame thanks to Software Genlocking and supports Frame Blending and Soft-Edge without any compromise on output quality or software stability.

Grand VJ has been developed, tested and refined to get the best possible performance out of any modern computer or laptop, and just like all other ArKaos products, GrandVJ runs on both PC and Mac.

About ArKaos

ArKaos is a leading developer of real-time visual processing technologies for live visual performance. The company develops visual synthesizers that trigger and manipulate graphic content for display on large screens at concerts, clubs, etc.

Founded in 1996, ArKaos started as a software company but today it also develops the ArKaos A10, a unique hardware media server that delivers an unrivalled performance in speed, effects and manipulation of simultaneous high-definition video streams.

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