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ArKaos Launches GrandVJ 2
on 12 Sep 2013 4:36 PM

PRESS RELEASE: Brussels, BE – September 2013 – September sees the brand new launch of ArKaos GrandVJ 2, the latest version of the highly successful ArKaos GrandVJ software for VJs, DJs, clubs and musicians.

The new software brings sparkling new features that answer the demands of customers in the forefront of the action. Two versions are available: GrandVJ 2 and GrandVJ XT which includes a VideoMapper feature.

New Features for GrandVJ 2:

  • Brand new interface 
  • VideoMapper module (XT version) 
  • New software activation system 
  • Improved performance
  • New effects
  • Support for audio files 

New interface

GrandVJ 2 comes with a new interface, making it even more user friendly and straightforward, while integrating all the new functionality.
Simple colour coding (orange for layers, blue for cells) makes editing faster and more intuitive. Existing features, such as panel locks, have been moved and grouped under the mixer for convenience. 

Video Mapping (GrandVJ XT only)

Powerful and user-friendly, GrandVJ XT is an ‘extended’ version of GrandVJ 2 which adds a new level of expertise with the introduction of the VideoMapper extension. This allows projection mapping and advanced management of multiple displays.

GrandVJ XT sends the output of layers or cells to virtual ‘surfaces’ which can be scaled, manipulated and assigned to any video output or display. A single output can display a fullscreen visual, or a composite of several mapped visuals, to create complex visual compositions.
The VideoMapper can be used to set up and manage multiple outputs with different content, size and even resolution - for example, a mixture of LED screens, a projector and plasma television - which the VideoMapper will automatically detect.
Alternatively, even if complex video mapping is not required, visual content can simply be output to a video projector and the surfaces manipulated to flow them across any physical volume, such as objects or buildings.

Flexible Licence System

Easier software activation
ArKaos has completely reworked the software activation system for GrandVJ 2 to make it much more straightforward, flexible and user-friendly, with no more lengthy codes to copy/paste.
One license, two computers
GrandVJ 2 can now be activated and used on up to two computers (i.e. main computer and backup) at the same time from just one license.
GrandVJ 2 can also be deactivated on one computer before activating it on another, allowing temporary use of the software on any computer. (The activation/deactivation process requires connection to the Internet).

Improved performance

GrandVJ 2’s video processing engine has been updated, bringing support for the latest codecs and improving playback performance, thanks to a better use of multi-threading.

New effects and transitions

Cool new effects such as ‘Edge Glow’, ‘Video Signal Distortion’ or a very useful ‘Colour Correction’ effect help the user to fix the Hue, Saturation or Brightness of a video very quickly in a live environment.

Support for audio files

GrandVJ 2 can now read audio files so the user can mix video clips, without the need for third party software to play background music, by simply dragging and dropping mp3 files onto cells or layers.
All these new features of GrandVJ 2 (except XT’s VideoMapper) are available as a FREE upgrade for all GrandVJ 1 users.
“We are working hard to give our customers the most powerful and user-friendly VJ software, thanks to our experience and the constant feedback and enthusiasm of our customers,” says ArKaos Business Development Manager, Agnes Wojewoda. “We are happy that GrandVJ 2 will be answering so many of their requests in our latest upgrade to hit the market. The response to the beta testing has been great and shows just how much excitement and anticipation there is out there for the next best thing to arrive from ArKaos!”

For more information on GrandVJ 2 and GrandVJ XT, visit https://vj.arkaos.com/arkaos-vjdj

About ArKaos

Founded in 1996, ArKaos has been a pioneer in interactive video technologies since the emergence of VJ-ing. Today ArKaos still predominates in the industry’s wide-spread use of LED and projection technologies where it remains the leading provider of real-time visual processing technologies for live visual performances.

For more information on the full range of products from ArKaos, including the Grand VJ range from ArKaos VJ-DJ, visit www.arkaos.net

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