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ArKaos has created a new way of communication.

An-Ki, it's a remote control and digital content management solution which is already embedded in the latest versions of the MediaMaster software.

Working over the internet, An-Ki enables digital content appearing as projections or on any LED mappable surfaces / devices to be updated, synched or tweaked in just a couple of clicks.

An-Ki is a true multi-purpose tool and ideal for many environments

MediaMaster is already a popular choice for running video sources in real-time at shows, live events and driving video displays, projections and pixel mapped products.

The An-Ki enabled layer of MediaMaster now gives content managers remote access to devices and displays from anywhere in the world - quickly, efficiently and reliably.

ArKaos has developed this invaluable tool as a straightforward, cost-effective alternative to far more expensive 'architainment' and installation / digital signage control systems.

An-Ki allows different surfaces or displays to be synchronized so they show the same material at the same time ... perfect for events like simultaneous worldwide product launches and multi-location conferences straddling different time zones.

The An-Ki player will synchronize video sources running on two or more MediaMaster computers or media servers anywhere in the world.

To achieve video frame synchronization, An-Ki is based on the internet's Network Time Protocol (NTP). The magic of this ... is that it only needs a minimal amount of traffic; so even connecting via a wireless mobile hub ... will do the trick.

An-Ki is completely switchable, making MediaMaster a true multi-faceted show control product that can swap seamlessly between show and installation scenarios.

For total adaptability, An-Ki can also be used with other media management platforms with a Syphon or Spout input.

An-Ki is available for specification, and further information.
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Compatible with all ArKaos products